Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keep Calm and Listen Hard

This is one person's space where she intends to record all of the fantastic knowledge in her head. This is just one perspective among many, but hopefully one more to bring you their experience, share it with acknowledgement of their own biases and maybe even help you to a conclusion. Read on!

I am:

  • A College Student
  • A Minnesotan
  • Low budget with expensive taste
  • A thoroughbred owner and lover
  • honored to have 13 years (and going) of horse experience, and nearly 7 (and going) years of being owned by owning my opinionated and wonderful mare, Foxie. 
About Foxie:

Foxie is a 16 year old OTTB. She is currently a victim of Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Disease, and is a total pasture puff (on pain drugs) while her suspensories drop, with hopes of her healing and becoming the coolest trail horse ever. Before her injury and resulting disease, Foxie was a lower level event horse in Area IV. She takes a medium wide tree, a cob sized bridle, and has as many quirks as her owner. 

Please enjoy our perspective! 

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