General Care

Know Your "Normal"  - the first steps in getting to know your horse through his body and attitudes. Horses are delicate creatures and you can't tell if something is wrong if you don't know what is normal.

Basic Horse Ownership - the BASICS - the most basic of the basic, from halters to feed.

Basic Horse Ownership - worming, vet care and farrier care - basic information for new horse owners, good reference material for those of us who "forget".

New Horse Ownership Challenges - A PSA - a hollistic view of horse ownership for someone considering purchasing a horse.

So You Want to Become an Equestrian: The Keep Calm Guide to Choosing a Riding lesson facility

Dress for Success: First Shows  - general information on dress codes for riders new to showing

Equine First Aid Kit - deciphering the goops and goos needed for horse wound treatment and injury management.

The Internet and You - a plea from the author to please internet (verb; use as a reference for horsey knowledge, get to know your equine community via fb, etc) smartly, professionally and SAFELY.
(That means you really shouldn't buy something off the COTH forum and pay with paypal... you may not have any money left in your account.)

Spring Has Sprung  - helpful tips to get your spring going right!

A Case of the Funks - talking about scratches, rain rot and hives as the top three "funks" I've had to deal with as a horse owner

Scratch That: An Awesome Infographic on Scratches

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