Monday, February 8, 2016

Warning: Construction Zone


It's been a while. I've been staring at this blog, that I've been pouring my experience and my preferences and my favorite things into for the past few years, and... I've been missing this blog.

This blog began as a way to help new horse owners - like my close barn friend, Jen, who was coming back into horses after years away from the hobby/sport/addiction and had a billion, zillion questions. And I wanted to help, so I offered my advice. And in writing that advice down, I realized that I could help other people, too.

And I do like helping other people.

You'll notice a new tag on all of the previous posts - ALL of those posts need updates. Be it photos, or editing, or general review, I will be combing through the past posts over the next few months to get them updated and reader friendly. In the mean time, I'm going to do my best to generate some new, useful content and try to share the love on products, retailers and horse care topics. What I won't be doing, still, is writing about my riding and my horses. There is another blog, and another time for those posts - and honestly, they're probably kind of boring these days. I just can't help but want to share what I love and what works for me with my readers, and hopefully I can help the people out there who don't have an Overly Helpful Barn Friend or have a child in lessons and are discovering a sport where there isn't a handy Sports Authority nearby to outfit said child.

TL:DR - don't mind the mess, I've got some major cleaning up to do. However, it is with great joy that I look forward to more posts and more fun!

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